Monday, March 4

demand in Kuwait with excellent salary

The Great Opportunity has come for those Nepali Worker who want to work in TROLLEY Market Jobs Demand in Kuwait With Good Salary.

People in all of the jobs work eight hours a day, six days a week, with one day off. Regulations at the company say that overtime is possible, which means that workers can make extra money by putting in more hours. The workers will only have to work there for two years. After that, they can either renew their contract or go back to their home country.

Your monthly pay is Rs 36,642, which adds up to Rs 60,351 a year. Food and a place to stay are given for free.

LINK STAR MANPOWER SERVICES PVT. LTD is the office in Nepal where you can apply for Sales jobs in Kuwait 140 kd salary. This staffing firm is licensed and has a good reputation. They have been hiring good people for many years.

Interested candidates are requested to go to the apply section.

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