Monday, March 4

Public holiday tomorrow

Kathmandu / On the occasion of Shrikrishna Janmashtami, the festival of Hindus, tomorrow, August 20th, will be a public holiday across the country.

Every year on the day of Bhadra Krishna Ashtami, the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated by worshiping Lord Shri Krishna. Banks and financial institutions, government offices and stock markets will also be closed tomorrow.

Hindu devotees and devotees of Lord Krishna from all over the world are celebrating the birthday of the beloved Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna, the pioneer of Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, was born in Dwaparayuga on the midnight of Bhadrakrishna Ashtami according to the Hindu almanac, so that day is called Sri Krishna Janmashtami and the night is called Mohratri.

On the day of Janmashtami, in the Krishna temples of Adhirajya, there is a tradition of worshiping Lord Krishna (worship, preaching, singing kirtan), especially women, fasting and staying awake all night.

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