Monday, March 4

School holidays to watch match between Nepal and India

Janakpur. A holiday has been given to all schools within Janakpurdham after 2 pm to watch the match between Nepal and India as part of the Asia Cup cricket tournament.

The Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan office issued a notification and asked to close all community and institutional schools within the sub-metropolitan city from 2 pm today.

The notice issued by Anju Pandey, Head of Education and Sports Development Branch, mentions, ‘As the construction of Ram Janki Multi-Purpose International Stadium under Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City, the sense of sportsmanship among the students and Nepal’s pride in the match between Nepal and India in the Asia Cup, any class run to increase the morale of the team. As per the order, it is requested to leave the town.’

Earlier, in the match between Nepal and Pakistan on August 13, Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan issued an emergency notice to encourage the Nepali players and gave a holiday to the schools after two o’clock in the afternoon.

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