Saturday, April 13

Sindhu Malla was not granted a visa by Australia

Kathmandu. Singer Sindhu Malla has been refused a visa by Australia. Sindhu has informed through social media that Australia refused to grant visa for the music program to be organized on the occasion of Teej.

The artist has mentioned that she may not have received a visa due to human trafficking and illegal hiding. Saying that for the first time in her nearly three decades of singing tour, Australia did not grant her visa on time, she also informed that her scheduled programs there on the occasion of Teej were cancelled.

Sindhu wrote, “All my scheduled programs in Australia have been canceled due to not being granted a visa on time.” I apologize to all dear viewers for not being able to attend the Teej special program in Australia. No artist should engage in human trafficking and illegal hiding. It affects other real artists. If you want to stay abroad or establish yourself, you can stay after completing the legal process.

She said that for the first time in her almost three decades of singing journey, Australia did not give her visa on time. It is said that there is a recession in Nepal, Nepali artists are hiding abroad illegally and they are smuggling people in the name of the program. I have a record of returning to Nepal on time after doing programs in more than 20 countries including America, UK, Canada, Europe, Japan etc. There is a record that he has already visited Australia four times and returned to Nepal before the visa period expired. But this time, I consider it an insult to my artistry that Australia did not grant a visa on time.

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