After the picture went viral on the social network, the two girls were mobbed with such relief material and millions of cash.

Damak, Jhapa. The picture of a sister carrying a sister and a very painful one touched everyone. This photo was taken by Shanti Limbu Bhujel, Vice President of Kerabari Village. This photo was posted by Shanti Pakhrin of Letang. Many of them shared and posted. Based on this post, many helped. Nearly Rs 1 lakh 3 thousand was collected from the country and abroad. Then Shanti Pakhrin from Letang, Bishnu Guragai from Urlabari, Ghanshyam Bhandari, Deepak Neupane and our team went to Singha Devi today.

We reached Kerabari by the northeast highway. There we arrived at Kerabari VDC, Shanti Limbu Bhujel, vice-president of Kerabari VDC, Manoj Khadka, head of number 1, and Prem Kerabari-1 of Kangari-1, Fangaduwa. Easy District is also a remote place of Morang, Kerabari village. Most of the terrain is hilly. Especially the mountainous terrain is difficult in every way. When we arrived at the house where we liked the picture, the presence of the locals and the people was already present. Sonu Rai of Year 1 and Ashika Rai of Year 7 were seen in the photo that they liked. Their mother is Manamaya Rai, 7. Watch the video below showing the state of the house and the mood of these children as they watch their children cry.

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