“I’m looking for a wedding, but finding a boy to marry is difficult”: Actress Nita Dhungana (video)

Nita Dhungana is currently busy promoting the release of her upcoming film ‘Karma’. Nita Dungana said, “I am looking for a wedding but it is difficult to find a boy to marry. I have been brought in to search but no one has been found and no one has been found yet. After getting a boy, I’m ready to get married. This year it is sure that I will get married till next year. ”

Actress Nita Dungana is now involved in filmmaking and is preparing to bring the film to the floor soon. Nita, who announced filming on her birthday two years ago, has made sure to come to the floor only now. Asked why he was finally going to the floor only two years after the announcement, Nita says, “Initially, the concept of the movie was announced but the director lost it and the film was stopped. After that the money went down and the movie stopped and when there was money there was no good concept. Watch the rest in the video:

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