Nepal Army Update

Preparing is the key component for the polished methodology of any Army. The Nepalese Army is no special case. The Nepalese Army has constantly given most extreme need to furnish its staff with sufficient trainings. As per the well known saying of King Prithivi Narayan Shah, the Great, “The capacities of the Soldiers should be cleaned consistently”, the Nepalese Army has constantly underlined and given proficient trainings to its Soldiers and Officers the same to keep the Nepalese Army ever prepared to address the difficulties that they may need to confront. The Nepalese Army likewise furnishes with expert and professional trainings to its soldiers. The Nepalese Army organized present day preparing with the foundation of the Nepalese Army School in Chhauni in 1953. Today, the NA has many specific armed force level institutes and schools under the Directorate General of Military Training (DGMT). The primary preparing foundations of the Nepalese Army are recorded beneath:

The NA Command and Staff College, Shivapuri

The NA School, Nagarkot

The Nepalese Military Academy, Kharipati

The NA Recruit Training Center, Trishuli

The NA Jungle Warfare School, Amlekhgunj

The NA High Altitude School (Mountain Warfare), Mustang

The NA Intelligence School, Kharipati

The NA Logistics School, Chhauni

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