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Aside from the previously mentioned preparing foundations, all units from autonomous Companies upto Divisions give their staff proficient trainings every day. The units experience a couple of months long preparing cycle each year.

The Nepalese Army has an arrangement that requires each position from a Private to the General to necessarily experience certain trainings for advancement to a higher position. Aside from these obligatory trainings, there are different other specific trainings that any Nepalese Army faculty can alternatively secure. Nepalese Army faculty who get recognized outcomes in trainings directed in different preparing schools of the Nepalese Army are additionally consistently sent to remote nations for getting propelled trainings. The rundown of some compulsory trainings in the Nepalese Army are demonstrated as follows:

With the advances made in the military field, the Nepalese Army has constantly looked to keep her faculty side by side with the most recent improvement, both gear shrewd and direct insightful. Likewise in proceeding to keep up the unsullied picture of the Nepalese Army with respect to Human Rights, trainings on Human Rights, Laws of Armed Conflict and International Humanitarian Laws are remembered for the course frameworks of all Nepalese Army trainings.

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