history of gorkha peoples

Gorkha (pop. 20,600) is a slope town 110 km east of Pokhara. It is 23 km from the side road at Abu Khaireni which lies about halfway among Pokhara and Kathmandu. As the tribal seat of the Shah line and home of the first Gurkha fighters, Gorkha is a national journey spot. Its focal point is the seventeenth century Gorkha Durbar, which is a fortification, a royal residence and a sanctuary with magnificent perspectives on the Manaslu run. A side-excursion to the peak sanctuary of Manakamana is all together. It very well may be come to by climbing from Abu Khaireni (three hours) or by link vehicle from Cheres on the principle thruway (96 km from Pokhara). (Temperature 7-36 degrees Celsius.) King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who bound together the realm of Nepal during eighteenth century, was conceived in the township of Gorkha. Arranged on a little hillock at a demeanor of around 1000 m, Gorkha offers all encompassing perspective on snow-encouraged mountain.

At that point the little realm of Gorkha, established by lord Drabya Shah in 1560 A. D. got popular during the line of Ram Shah (1604-1641 A.D.), who earned the notoriety of being simply to his kin. There was a well known adage in those days which said that one ought to go to Gorkha on the off chance that he were searching for equity.

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