Why Delhi cabs keep condoms as first-aid

t the Nelson Mandela Marg signal, just as the cab swerves away from JNU, Uber driver Dharmendra spots a traffic cop. His seatbelt is on, the car is cruising at 50kmph and he is wearing a faded blue shirt that he calls his uniform. “I even have a packet of condoms in my first-aid box,” he says, fishing out a plastic container from the glove box. Inside, there is a bottle of Dettol, paracetamol tablets, bandages and a sachet showing a couple in a tight embrace. “Tension Free”, screams the label.

“Recently, I was challaned for not keeping condoms with me. Ever since, I am very careful,” he says. The penalty receipt, however, shows he was fined for speeding.

A large number of cab drivers in Delhi-NCR keep condoms in vehicles believing it is mandatory and they could be fined if found without it. “It is compulsory for all vehicles to carry three condoms at all times,” said Sarvodaya Driver Association of Delhi president Kamaljeet Gill.

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