Saturday, April 13

Live update of Asia Cup in our calendar, how to watch?

Kathmandu / The live update of the Asia Cup cricket tournament, which is going to start from Wednesday, can be seen in our calendar. Nepal’s popular app ‘Hamro Patro’ will give live updates of the game.

According to our calendar Inc., the live score of the Asia Cup cricket tournament can be seen on the android app of our calendar. According to the company, API of Asian Cricket Council is used for this.

This feature is expected to be available on the Android app for the initial launch, and users will have to update our calendar app to view live scores of cricket matches. In the opening match of the tournament on Wednesday, Nepal will face Pakistan, which is ranked first in the world in ODI cricket.

In this tournament to be held in Pakistan and Sri Lanka in two countries, Nepal’s next match in the group stage is against India on Monday. The final will be held on 31 August.

The company believes that the facility of watching the live scores of cricket matches in our calendar app will make it more convenient for the users. Earlier, even during the World Cup cricket tournament, our calendar gave live score updates.

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