Saturday, April 13

The quota of Nepalis going to Korea has increased.


2000 Nepalese are going to go to South Korea every month through Employment Permit System (EPS).

South Korea, which has become an attractive labor destination country, has started taking two thousand Nepali youth to Korea every month since this February.

According to the EPS Korea branch under the Department of Foreign Employment, 22,000 Nepalese youth are being sent to South Korea through EPS in 2023.

Recently, the Human Resources Department (HRD) of the South Korean government has changed some policies on labor supply and has adopted a policy of giving more quota to countries that can send workers faster.

Pushparaj Kutuwal, director of EPS Korea branch, informed that this time Nepal has received more quota as EPS branch has succeeded in sending workers quickly and efficiently by completing the procedures set by the South Korean government.

He said, “The selection process of workers going to Korea from Nepal through EPS is transparent, we have been able to prepare workers quickly according to the standards set by HRD.”

That is why this year South Korea has started taking more workers from Nepal. This news is in Gorkhapatra daily.

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