Captain Vijaya Lama Talk about VTEN

Vijaya Lama or Vijay Lama, also known as Captain Vijaya Lama, is a Nepalese actor, singer, television presenter, social activist and senior aircraft pilot of Nepal Airlines. He has worked in more than 30 Nepali movies such as Raanko, and Truck Driver. His debut movie was the Nepali film Aadarsha Naari(1984). He appeared in the Hollywood film Everest featuring an ensemble cast including Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal. He played the role of rescue pilot Col. Madan KC. Vijaya Lama also participated as a solo singer in Melancholy song by 365 Nepali Artists which set the Guinness World Record for “Most Vocal Solos in a Song Recording”.

Vijaya Lama is one of the famous celebrity of Nepal. He worked in Nepali Film industry (kollywood) and Hollywood film Everest (as a rescue pilot Col. Madan KC). Captain Lama is Known for his work. All nepali Peoples are Respect and love him much.

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