Rare-earth element

Named after the Greek word for precarious (astatos), Astatine is a normally happening semi-metal that outcomes from the rot of uranium and thorium. In its most steady structure – astatine-210 – it has a half-existence of simply 8.1 hours, which means regardless of whether you happened to unearth some of it, half of it would be passed before the finish of a work day. Contingent upon how it rots, it’ll either transform into the isotopes bismuth-206 or polonium-210.

This precariousness, joined with its genuine scarceness, implies that at any one time, there’s under 30 grams of it in the Earth’s outside. On the off chance that researchers need to utilize it, they need to create it without any preparation, all things considered, just 0.05 micrograms (0.00000005 grams) of astatine have been delivered to date. Nobody’s at any point seen it in its essential state, supposing that you had enough of it to see it with the unaided eye, it would have just been disintegrated by the warmth of its own radioactivity.That stated, researchers accept it would take on a dim or metallic appearance in the event that you could see it.

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