What Do Dreams About Dead People Mean

What Do Dreams About Dead People Mean
Dreams are manifold in their nature. Often, people do not understand that dreams are a way of our own subconscious mind trying to contact us with some instructions or revelations. If we are careful enough to understand them in the right way, we can gain several insights for a purposeful life. Why a dead relative or friend would appear in your dream is a question that needs to be answered both from psychological and spiritual standpoints.

Why dead souls choose to contact you through dreams
during afterlife, the dead people possess subtle bodies. It is easy for them to contact you during sleep than during waking state. While you are awake,

all you five senses are engaged. Therefore excepting for people of highest spiritual attainment it is difficult for others to get to know that the deceased soul is trying to contact them. On the other hand, during dreams, mind is highly receptive to subtle messages and therefore dead people choose to contact you through

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