How to Do a Magic Card Trick

Magic tricks are great for impressing your friends as well as practicing your sleight of hand and your ability as a performer. All you’ll need to perform these basic card tricks is a standard deck of playing cards, a little practice, and a flair for dazzling your audience.

Shuffle the deck and memorize the bottom card. Make a show of shuffling your deck. Part of a successful magic trick involves drawing your audience’s attention somewhere specific. Shuffle the deck once, then let your spectator shuffle the cards or cut the deck to show that the arrangement of the cards is completely random. After they shuffle the deck, memorize the bottom card.
One way to do this is to cut the deck as the very last shuffling action you do, then sneak a peek at the bottom card as you tap the cards on the table.
Another option is to glance at the bottom card before you go to shuffle the cards one last time.

Two methods for making sure the card on the bottom stays on the bottom when shuffling are:
When performing a Riffle shuffle, make sure that you always start the shuffle with the hand that has the bottom card in it.[1]This way, your bottom card stays the same as it hits the table first.

In an Overhand shuffle, angle the face of the cards away from your audience.[2] Cut the deck, but grip the bottom card with the pads of your fingers. While you separate the deck to shuffle, pull back on the bottom card so it doesn’t get pulled up, but stays on the bottom.

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