Highways in Nepal

Highways in Nepal: Kathmandu and major cities of Nepal are inter-connected with Highways and roads. They are also well connected with India through plains of the Terai. However Nepal does not have well developed network of Highways of western standard. There are only a few highways with better engineering and several connecting roads to main highways. Condition of Highways vary from well maintained two lane Highways to potholed and hilly roads. The drive in a later type of roads may give you roller coaster ride. Visitors are permitted to drive their own cars but the vehicles must possess an international carnet. There are regular bus services to Kathmandu and major cities from all the border points. The interior parts of the country are also linked with a number of highways and roads. Any way the network of roads and highways have linked several tourist destinations, cities, Industrial and commercial centers in Nepal. The main highways are from East to West and Link roads from North to south.

Important East West roads
Mahendra Highway: It is longest highway in Nepal. It links Eastern border with India to Western border with India. The East Pont is at Kakarbhitta. It is also an Exit point to Northeast India including Darjeeling and Sikkim. The West Point is at Mahendra Nagar. It is linked with Northwest India including Kumau, Nainital of Uttarnchal. The major destinations along and around the Highways are Kakarbhitta, Bhadrapur, Dharan, Janakpur, Narayanghat, Butwal, Shiddarthnagar, Nepalganj, Bardiya, Mahendranagar, etc.

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