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In Kailali, 25-year-old Arun Das was horrified

December 23, 2021 620

According to the locals, Arjun Das was taken home by his friends on September 20. Arjun Das did not return home that evening.

The family then searched for him but did not find him. The next day, Arjun was found dead in the Amravati community forest.

Arun Das, 25, has died in Kailali. The body of a slave of Janaki Gaonpalika-9 has been removed from his body. The phone record of a young man named Manoj has been made public after the murder. He said on the phone that he had crossed the border.

According to the phone records, Ghanti and Shari and Al were found. Preliminary investigations into the drug deal have revealed that he was involved in drug trafficking. It has been revealed that the slave was not allowed to be tied to the tree and then killed by Vivas Tarika.

Janaki had been living in the village with his family. He has a wife and a daughter.

Mother, father and brother have been living in India. The accused has taken the name of Sumit Dai. He said that he had been injured and that he had returned.

He said that he left for Bangalore. It is said that the group involved in “D” is going to Bangalore. He has also mentioned that he had disputes with various people during Ghatna. The voices of many young people have been heard on the phone records. Meanwhile, Arjun’s mother and sister have been in the media till his death.