Wednesday, June 29

Very Bold Nepali Veterinary Doctor Tiktak Viral, Who is he? (Video)

December 22, 2021 2296

Priyanka Dhakal is currently going viral on the most talked about video platform Tiktak. Her popularity is increasing.WATCH VIDEO

His videos are very popular as he presents Jiudal in an artistic and bold way.

She has set a record by posting 52 videos in 25 hours.

He now has 7.5 lakh followers and 6 million likes. He is a veterinarian. With the goal of becoming a veterinarian and serving animals, everyone is amazed at how she can make so many videos.

But his videos only seem to be lip-syncing by showing an attractive body in the song. Although she is not very creative, she is on the list of famous ticket holders of Nepal. She gives a very bold presentation. Which is becoming very viral.

Lately, his discussion has become more heated. Her video has gained a lot of attention due to its thick and attractive judal. VIDEO