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The bride who went viral by dancing at her own wedding in the media. Why did 3 million people look at this couple? Watch the video

December 22, 2021 1261

Kanchanpur District Dodhara Chadni Municipality Ward No. 3 Jamuna Ghadik A young man and Baitadi District Dasharathchanda Municipality Dehimandau that a young woman tied the knot on November 12. The bride-to-be had danced on her wedding day when they were close. Her daily social network tick-tock on Facebook went viral in a short time.

He had gone to Baitadi from Kanchanpur. The video he made after coming to his mother’s house and his house went viral after it was posted on social media. They had a chance to get closer at the first meeting. They got a chance to get closer from the first meeting. They were getting closer to each other. After a long time, they got closer to each other. After playing with various joys and sorrows in life, their relationship was getting smoother. They are in love and they are bound in marriage.

It is only after they have met that they have tied the knot. People are now being connected through social media, which is also connecting people from far and wide. There are many people who get married in the month of Mangsir. Nepalis are also living their lives by starting a new relationship in the month of Mangsir. Marriage is also a chapter of Jiban. Man struggles so much in his life that he is always taking his life to a higher place. The couple, who started their lives by talking on Facebook after seeing him in a program, are now tied in marriage.

After falling in love, they got to know each other as they got older. The people who blessed them at the wedding were very tired. The singers were having fun singing double songs. They are preparing for eternal marriage. Human beings are struggling in different ways in life. Some people are struggling just to eat and some people are struggling with many dreams. Human life is also incomparable. According to their tradition, they get married with pomp and circumstance. Marriage is also mandatory for human beings in life.

At the wedding, family and friends were not entertaining the people. There is laughter and joy in the tongues of the people. Sometimes people cry not only for the sadness but also for the happiness. The tears did not stop in their eyes. Both of them said that they will use each other’s language well even after knowing each other’s language knowingly. Although people reacted to her on social media, her husband says, “We’ve been married for a long time, knowing each other. Dancing on the day of marriage is not a bad thing. People think that marriage is a happy day because they know each other better than before.” He says that marriage is bound. People have different kinds of happiness in life. They say that they met during happiness and sorrow. .

They started talking on the phone after getting acquainted with their relatives. After sharing the photo on Facebook, they became closer. Her husband says that people from all walks of life are happy to have her in their marriage. She says that there will be no problem for her.